September 11, 2013, Malaga (Spain)
In conjunction with ESOCC 2013

Modern software systems are distributed, concurrent, mobile, and often involve composition of heterogeneous components and stand-alone services. Service coordination and self-adaptation constitute the core characteristics of distributed and service-oriented systems. Coordination languages and formal approaches to modelling and reasoning about self-adaptive behaviour help to simplify the development of complex distributed service-based systems, enable functional correctness proofs and improve reusability and maintainability of such systems.

FOCLASA 2013 is a workshop collocated with the European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC 2013). The goal of the FOCLASA workshop is to put together researchers and practitioners of the aforementioned fields, to share and identify common problems, and to devise general solutions in the context of coordination languages and self-adaptive systems.